OEM004 Eau de toilette
Abisal Studio

OEM004 Eau de toilette

OEM004 is a proposal for a refillable perfume bottle. The inspiration drawn from antique perfume bottles has been key to the development of this design. Elegance and a premium feel with textures while staying close to the end user.

The refillable system allows the user to change the perfume easily and simply whenever they want. The perfume cans attach to the main body with an internal cannula.

To ensure the proper functioning of the perfume, fragrance swapping is done by first inserting an odorless cleaner that cleans the internal circuit.

The carefully designed cans and the secure and natural cork closure make the combinations recognizable to any user and functional in any setting.

The outer case of the OEM004 is made of silicone with a color gradient that allows for endless combinations along with the replacement cans. Customize it as you like!

Using the least amount of paper and cardboard to bring the product home, the OEM004 packaging focuses on transport convenience and generating minimal waste.