Pet accesories

Elevrel is a product line from Abisal Studio that emerges with the idea of bringing fashion to the canine world with collars and leashes designed from an industrial design perspective. In its manufacturing, materials sourced from recycled bottles or 3D-printed are incorporated to minimize environmental impact by producing only the necessary units.

A distinctive feature of Elevrel is that all its products are locally manufactured in A Coruña. The goal of Elevrel is to broaden the range of products and create new accessories, and even clothing.

In addition to designing and selling accessories for dogs, another goal of the brand is to convey the 'Four Legged Citizen' philosophy, integrating dogs as equal citizens with four legs.

Each product is designed from start to finish taking into account all relevant aspects to ensure that our canine friends feel comfortable in any situation.

To maximize the experience and bring the product to market, we design packaging with the quality consistent with all Elevrel products, imbuing within it details of artisanal craftsmanship that characterize the brand.