Abisal Studio

Animal Sound/AI&HD Speakers

We believe in the power of simple ideas that can change the world. It's not just about selling products; it's about creating experiences that enrich our lives in unexpected ways.

"Animal Sound" is the title of a range of smart speakers inspired by the shapes of various animals. These multifunctional devices help humans understand their pets, receive personalized feeding advice, access relevant health information, and even automatically detect and translate sounds. Additionally, they provide high-quality music enjoyment.

Studies show that interacting with animals, such as petting a dog or cat, can help reduce blood pressure and heart rate, thereby potentially lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. At Abisal, we've translated this concept into the curves, soft shapes, and surface finishes of each of our designs.

Una parte fundamental del estudio es la atención a los detalles, creemos que cada recoveco de un producto es una oportunidad para acercarse a un usuario, hacer agradable su día a día y mejorar los estímulos externos recibidos.