Estrella Galicia

Belsiana Glass

This project, carried out by Abisal Studio for Hijos de Rivera, emerged after a thorough analysis of the latest market trends. Hijos de Rivera noticed that customers were increasingly using wine glassware

Thus, the Belsiana Glass was born, a glass that, while inspired by the language of wine, possesses a distinctive character unique to the world of beer. The Belsiana Glass not only had to meet aesthetic requirements but also important functional ones.

The interaction between the beer and the glass is essential for achieving a perfect pour, thereby enhancing the quality of the product. For this reason, Abisal Studio meticulously aligned with both the functional and aesthetic requirements that represent Estrella Galicia.

The project developed slowly, as each small change in the design and structure of the glass had a significant impact on its behavior and final appearance. Therefore, prototyping was a fundamental phase, allowing the glass to be perfected into a perfect bridge between the customer and the product.

The final result is a glass that not only reflects the elegance and sophistication typical of the current hospitality industry but also highlights the character and essence of beer, meeting the high expectations of functionality and aesthetics that characterize Estrella Galicia.